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Laser Skin Tightening

As men and women age, the skin progressively loses elasticity and unwanted pockets of fat can develop, causing the body to lose its smooth, lean, and supple contours. Changes in diet and exercise can help control weight, but many individuals find that it may be difficult to tighten loose skin and contour fat deposits without the help of a doctor. In the past, liposuction and skin lifting surgeries have been the only method for reducing fat and addressing skin laxity throughout the body; however, in recent years, technological advancements have lead to the development of dynamic nonsurgical skin tightening options, such as Fotona’s TightSculpting™ procedure.
TightSculpting™ is the latest non-invasive, non-surgical body shaping procedure that utilizes laser energy to simultaneously sculpt fat tissue and tighten skin.


Benefits of TightSculpting™

Fotona, one of the industry’s leading manufacturers of medical and aesthetic lasers, has developed TightSculpting™ for non-surgical body contouring applications. This revolutionary laser system is capable of treating both the appearance of skin laxity and unwanted fat. The two-stage TightSculpting™ treatment offers the following benefits:

  • Smooth, lift, and tighten skin
  • Reduce and resculpt fat deposits
  • Improve the appearance of cellulite
  • Increase skin elasticity and suppleness
  • No downtime

Areas that we can treat?

TightSculpting™ can be performed almost anywhere on the body and is most often used to treat the abdominal region, flanks, arms, buttocks, thighs, and back.


How does it work?

Non-surgical, non-invasive TightSculpting™ treatment utilizes two different wavelengths of laser energy to effectively recontour areas of the body affected by skin laxity and excess fat. The treatment is completed in two phases, the first of which accomplishes deep connective tissue tightening and fat reduction with long Nd:YAG laser pulses. The Nd:YAG laser energy warms the deep tissue and fat layer to simultaneously stimulate fat cell metabolism and collagen fiber constriction. The second phase of treatment focuses on tightening the superficial layer of skin with short pulses of Er:YAG laser energy. The heat from the laser can both tighten collagen fibers and stimulate the production of new collagen within the dermis. Phase two can effectively tighten and lift the skin, enhance elasticity, and give the skin a more youthful overall appearance.

Results of TightSculpting™

A clinical study published in the Journal of the Laser and Health Academy finds that:

  • Effects of TightSculpting™ are both immediate and long-lasting
  • An average of 7 to 8 centimeters in waist circumference reduction can be achieved after the appropriate number of TightSculpting™ sessions
  • Up to eight TightSculpting™ sessions spaced at least 10 days apart can be performed to achieve optimal cosmetic results


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