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Breast Enlargement

Breast Enlargement

Breasts and their appearance is a major part of western femininity and have a major psychosocial and sexual relevance. Breast augmentation with implants is very often boost for self esteem and quality of life.

We will gladly take the time to offer you a professional, extensive and realistic consultation. The first consultation at The City Clinic is always free and noncommittal. Contact us now.



The augmentation can be performed on a female adult, who has fully developed breasts. At times younger women can be considered if breasts appear asymmetric or they are malformed.

Implants Used In The Breast Surgery – B-Lite, Mentor, Allergan Natrelle, Motiva, Sebbin

There are plenty of implants on the market. Most used is a silicone implant. Each implant has a soft flexible shell. The shell has to resemble the feel of a female breast. The shell has a matt surface that has significantly helped to prevent capsulation. The silicone used in the implants has been proved not to cause allergy or cancer (Gabriel et al 1993, Schusterman et al 1993, Peters et al 1994).

These days there are two types of implants. One is round and the other a popular anatomical implant. The implant is placed either under the breast tissue or under the muscle.

City Clinic uses mostly top quality B-Lite, Mentor and Sebbin implants. These implants have absolutely nothing to do or incommon with the scandalous PIP implants.

Before operation

We recommend a consultation at the clinic. You can also start by sending some email to our plastic surgeon Riikka Veltheim.

During the discussion you are told about the different implants and about the operation. You will also receive valuable information on aftercare and possible complications. At the consultation we will together decide what implant will help you get the desired result.

Before the operation you will have to have some blood tests and mammography or an ultrasound examination. The result of these tests need to be taken with you on the day of operation. In the consultation you will be interviewed on your general health and if everything is as it should be you will be able to book your appointment for the surgery.

On the day of surgery

You will see your surgeon and you will go over the procedure confirming the implant size and by drawing the operation map on the operation area.

If you have general anesthesia you will talk to the anesthesiologist.

Breast surgery can also be performed in local anesthesia.


The operation

The incision is usually done underneath the breast (3-5cm depending on the size of implant).

The implant is placed in the predetermined place and the incision is closed in 3 layers.

Rarely the incision is made in the armpit or the areole. You will be bandaged tightly. The operation takes approximately 1-2hours.

After the operation

The first few hours the anesthesiologist and the nurse will monitor you. If needed you will get pain killers.  Before going home you will see the doctor and the nurse will help you put on the bra (soft). You will have to wear a bra 24/7 approximately for 3 months. If the implant is placed under the muscle there is usually no need to wear a bra.

The sensation of pain is individual, but usually relatively minor. Pain killers can be described if needed. After one week the patient is able to return to work and hobbies.  Heavy lifting and physical stress should be avoided for approx 3 weeks. Sexual abstinence is recommended for the first week after the operation as excitement might cause bruising and swelling. Only careful light massage to the breast area is recommended and taught.

Lymphatic drainage massage is highly recommended.

Treating of the wounds

Keep the wounds dry.

Have the bandage covering the wound until the stiches are removed.

Bandage needs to be changed if it is dirty or moist/wet. They should be sterile. These can be purchased from a pharmacy.

5 days after the operation the wound needs to be dry at all times. After this the washing of the wound needs to be light and gentle. Sauna should be avoided for 2 weeks after the stitches have been removed. Try to avoid touching the wound and stretching it.

Contact the surgeon if the wound gets more painful, red or keeps perspiring blood, liquids, bad smells and if you develop a fever. The stitches need to be taken out after 10 days.

 Treating of the scar

Scar tissue can develop after the stitches are removed. The healing process can be affected by home treatment. Scar lightening and softening can be purchased from all pharmacies that carry heparin products. They should be applied twice daily for a month.

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We will gladly take the time to offer you a professional, extensive and realistic consultation. The first consultation at The City Clinic is always free and noncommittal. Contact us now.


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