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Breast Lifts

Our plastic surgeon Riikka Veltheim has years of experience in breast lifts, so-called sagging bosom correction. Breast lifts are designed to lift and re-shape the bosom. We will gladly take the time to offer you a professional, extensive and realistic consultation. The first consultation at The City Clinic is always free and noncommittal. Contact us now.

When we age, it is natural for our breasts to start to sag. Hereditary factors and also pregnancy, breast feeding and sharp weight loss are other reasons why tissues lose their firmness and the breasts begin to sag.


The female breast contains several tissue components all of which are subject to changes over time. These include: 1) the breast gland; 2) the connective tissue which provides structural support; 3) the fat which provides fullness and padding; and 4) the breast skin envelope.

The overall size and shape also varies over time. The loss of glandular volume, the effects of gravity, stretching of connective tissues and reduction of skin elasticity will all weaken the biomechanical properties of the breast – thus diminishing the perkiness associated with youth and leaving the breasts increasingly pendulous.

Ptosis is the medical term that refers to drooping or sagging of the breast. Breast ptosis is a natural process, though the rate at which a woman develops ptosis, and the severity, will vary and depend on many factors. Breast size is one such factor, with large and heavy breasts becoming ptotic faster than smaller breasts.

What to expect?

If you have droopy breasts following pregnancy or childbirth, or just because of the effects of ageing, a breast lift can boost your confidence significantly. At The City Clinc the first step towards having a breast lift, either alone or in conjunction with other forms of cosmetic breast surgery such as a breast augmentation, is to have an initial consultation with one of our professionals.

Your consultant will examine you and take your medical history making sure that the shape and size of your breasts make you suitable for breast uplift surgery.

The health of your breasts will also be taken into account and you will be asked about any discharge that you have had from your nipples, and any lumps, cysts or problems on the skin of the breasts. We also ask about your family history of breast cancer so that we can make sure your breast health will not be put at risk if you undergo a breast lift.

If you are a smoker, we recommend you give up at least 4 weeks before your breast lift surgery and to carry on being a non-smoker until you have fully recovered to aid healing.
A breast uplift operation takes 2-3 hours but the technique used, the incision pattern and the way the surgery is combined with other cosmetic breast procedures will depend on your individual case. Your consultant will explain exactly what will happen and will discuss in detail the final result that you want to obtain.

Various incision patterns are possible and the objective is to remove excess skin and then stitch the remaining tissue in place so that the breasts have a more youthful, pert appearance.


If you have a breast uplift without any other procedure you will normally only remain in The City Clinic overnight.

You will feel sore and bruised for the first few days, but this will ease and can be treated with painkillers. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is recommended.
Your scars will be obvious at first but these will fade gradually and will continue to improve over the next 12 months. You should be able to see the new shape of your breasts very soon after surgery but we recommend that you wear a supportive, professionally fitted bra without underwiring 24 hours a day for at least 2 weeks. After that, you should wear the bra at all times during the day for at least 6 weeks. Your final result will be apparent after 4-6 months.

Most women get back to normal activities within 3 weeks but strenuous activity and exercise is not recommended for at least 2 months.

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We will gladly take the time to offer you a professional, extensive and realistic consultation. The first consultation at The City Clinic is always free and noncommittal. Contact us now.


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