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Aesthetic medicine allows us to act gently and early, on people as young as 30, just as the first signs of ageing start to appear.

Aesthetic medicine can help to get rid of lentigo, rosacea and small varicose veins. It smoothes away wrinkles either by filling them in with filling products or by acting directly on the muscles which cause them. The technique and products chosen depend on the shape, depth and location of the wrinkles. We can also combine various techniques for a better result.

Treatment of wrinkles with injections of filling products, of botulinum toxin or cocktails of vitamins, peelings, microdermabrasion, elimination of rosacea and lentigo, rejuvenation of the lips, the cleavage, the hands, lasting depilation, nowadays certain medical procedures replace or are combined with surgery to make your skin look young again.

A first consultation with an aesthetic doctor is essential so that s/he can find out what you are hoping to achieve, look at the various possibilities and decide upon a treatment strategy tailored to your own individual situation.

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