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Silhouette Lift

The Silhouette Lift is a new technique developed for use with Silhouette Sutures, a new suspension thread. This minimally invasive technique is used to lift and reposition sagging mid face tissue.

Silhouette Sutures offer significantly greater lift due to their unique absorbable cones which give strong traction when lifting the soft tisssue. The sutures are attached to the temporal fascia. To achieve this, a small incision is made above the hairline, where the sutures are anchored.

Ribbon Lift

The Ribbon Lift is a fairly new procedure  to improve facial sagging that comes with the aging process. This minimally invasive procedure involves making a small incision behind each ear and under the chin to insert bioabsorbable ENDOTINE ribbons. The physician uses the ribbons to lift the muscle allowing him to also tighten loose tissue.

The Ribbon Lift provides results which last from 3-5 years with only minimal side effects such as bruising and a recovery time of approximately one week. The Ribbon Lift may be just the right choice for the patient without excessive facial laxity who wants to lift the neck, jowl or lower face areas.

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