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VISIA Skin scan

Visia Skin Scan is a multi-spectral imaging process that reveals damage and signs of ageing on and beneath the surface of the skin that is not visible to the human eye.

The Visia Skin analysis device allows you to see – in exquisite detail – everything that is going on with your skin.  By providing a scientific view on the current state of your skin, the Visia lets you develop a customized treatment plan that will truly address your real skin issues — and bonus — follow-up sessions with the Visia will show exactly what improvements are occurring as a result of your skin efforts.

Multiple camera lenses and filters capture the appearance and essence of your skin in the most thorough way possible. In just a few minutes the Visia will answer:

  • WHAT is going on with your skin?
  • Is your skin normal for your age?
  • How does your skin compare to others?

VISIA has the ability to produce sophisticated data and show a multi-dimensional portrait of your skin complexion. Using this vital information, we will then design a comprehensive skin care plan. Furthermore, VISIA Skin Analysis is performed to identify certain skin conditions that may not be noticeable on the surface, yet affect your skin’s overall health and appearance. Once the skin has been analyzed and the appropriate treatment plan has been carried out, your skin care progress will then be easily tracked, documented, and enhanced.


Diagnosable with a VISIA Skin Analysis

  • Bacteria and Oil deposits
  • Skin irregularities
  • Wrinkles
  • Texture
  • Pore size
  • UV Spots and damage
  • Vascular networks
  • Skin discolouration


How it works?

  1. First we cleanse your skin of any makeup or residue, with a gentle cleanser.  If you prefer not to remove your makeup we can do the skin analysis with makeup on, however it reduces its accuracy.
  2. We then take you to our private skin imaging room.  One of our team members will guide you through the quick and painless Visia process!
  3. We ask you to take a seat on a stool and place your chin on the chin rest of the Visia machine.  You are instructed to close your eyes and relax your face.
  4. While your eyes are closed, the images will be taken – you will notice a flash goes off three times.  The image will then be processed and you can take your chin off the chin rest.
  5. While the Visia analyzer computes the results, we will interpret the results for you.
  6. The Visia Skin Analysis interpretation can help you understand where your skin issues are coming from, what skin issues are occuring under the surface (invisible to the naked eye), and will help guide our treatment recommendations.
  7. When you return to City Clinic after your initial treatment plan is completed, we will conduct a complimentary follow up appointment.  During this appointment we will take another set of Visia images, and we can compare your before and after results!  Our patients love to see the transformation before their eyes!


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