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Keller Funnel®

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November 11, 2016
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November 24, 2016

Keller Funnel®

Keller Funnel Cityklinikka

Keller Funnel®

The KELLER FUNNEL® is a silicone gel implant delivery tool designed by a plastic surgeon to facilitate the implant placement procedure for both doctors and their patients.

How does the Keller Funnel® work?

The KELLER FUNNEL®2 is prepared for use by your doctor with 4 simple steps:
Once the funnel is prepared, our surgeon retracts the incision made and gently squeezes the funnel with a downward motion to propel the implant into the surgical pocket. The implant easily glides through the slick interior surface of the funnel and is guided into the surgical pocket, where the surgeon then ensures the implant is positioned correctly, and then repeats the process for the second implant.

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The doctor´s consultation is free of charge. The plastic surgeon's consultation costs 80€ (campaign price till the end of the year 2016).

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