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Hair implant

Developed as the result of a long and thorough Medical and Scientific Research, the Biofibre Hair Implant is a light aesthetic surgery procedure, safe and effective, that makes possible to obtain a high, completely natural Hair Thickening with an Immediate Aesthetic Result for Male and Female Baldness (alopecia).

Safety and Effectiveness of the Biofibre Hair Implant Procedure is ensured by :

  • the safety of raw materials used for Biofibre ® hair production that are biocompatble and approved by FDA and CE for medical use
  • the exclusive “extractable root”ofBiofibre ® hair that allow a fully reversible implant in case on need
  • the Medicap Implant Instrumentsdevices that ensure a correct implant procedure and a long-lasting Aesthetic Result ;
  • the expertise of Qualified Doctor performing Biofibre Hair Implant procedure
  • the Patient’s selection and Biofibre tolerance test

Advantages of Biofibre Hair Implant:

  • immediate and natural aesthetic result
  • high hair density in a few hours
  • a simple, quick, reversible, painless outpatient procedure
  • allows the patient to lead an active, sporty lifestyle even soon after the implant
  • provides a gradual and progressive hair thickening, economically affordable
  • requires no burdensome maintenance to maintain the desired aesthetic result
  • is NOT binding: it can be performed or stopped when desired and the implant can be performed alone or in combination with other medical or surgical treatments

Biofibre Hair Implant is performed only by experienced and qualified physicians in reputable clinics specialised in aesthetic medicine to ensure always the optimal results to worldwide patients.

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