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Hair Transplantation

In recent years hair transplants have grown more common and are performed throughout the country. However, City Clinic is one of those rarest clinics where these interventions are performed by specially trained plastic surgeon. Our plastic surgeon Riikka Veltheim specialises in different techniques relating to tissue handling and making the hair transplants dense. A good result requires highly detailed and thorough surgery, which is only possible with a specially trained plastic surgeon.


Our plastic surgeon uses the so-called micro- and mini-graft method, the latest thing in hair transplants. The method consists of moving the patient’s own hair from the back of the head to the bald part. The result is a very natural look, continuously growing hair in a previously bald spot and a natural hair line. We use mainly the FUE-method, which involves removing the hair follicles one by one from the same place. Follicular unit extraction (FUE), also known as follicular transfer (FT), is one of two primary methods of obtaining follicular units, naturally occurring groups of one to four hairs, for hair transplantation. The other method is called strip harvesting. In FUE harvesting, individual follicular units are extracted directly from the hair restoration patient’s donor area, ideally one at a time. This differs from strip-harvesting because, in strip harvesting, a strip of skin is removed from the patient and then dissected into many individual follicular units.

The first consultation is important. Staff from the hair transplant team discuss your expectations, and we also examine the quality of your hair and your general state of health. We also take photographs of your head from different angles.

Why Finland?

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Hair transplantation Helsinki Finland

You may find the complete pricelist here.

FUE hair transplantation

Plastic surgeon dr. Riikka Veltheim

Amount of graftsAmount of hairVAT 0%VAT 24%Clinic
1000 grafts2000 - 30004500€5580€Cityklinikka Helsinki

tel. +358 9 4319 0044

1200 grafts3000 - 35004900€6076€Cityklinikka Helsinki

tel. +358 9 4319 0044

1500 grafts3500 - 45005600€6944€Cityklinikka Helsinki

tel. +358 9 4319 0044

2000 grafts4500 - 50006400€7936€Cityklinikka Helsinki

tel. +358 9 4319 0044

2500 grafts6000 - 75007400€9176€Cityklinikka Helsinki

tel. +358 9 4319 0044

3000 grafts8000 - 10 0008000€9920€

Hair transplant