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Laser Epilation

There are several different ways to get rid of unwanted hair, but most of them are old ways that take time and don’t give permanent results. Electrolyse can achieve permanent hair removal but is very painful and time consuming. You don’t need to accept these old methods anymore. After the development of laser hir removal you can achieve long lasting results fast and without pain. Laser Hair removal is a safe and effect way to get rid of unwanted hair.

Is Laser Hair removal safe?

Laser technology is approved internationaly, FDA has authorized to use this technic to all skin and hair types. You are able to treat very light and dark people with this Laser epilation treatment. Very thin and light hair is hard to treat. Blond, red or gray hair is not removable with this treatment.

How the treatment is done?

Before the treatment a local area numbing lotion is spread on your body to reduce unpleasant feeling during the treatment. During the treatment patient can feel tingling and burning sensations. That’s why before the treatment a cooling gel is spread on your body. Lasercope Lyras handpiece has a automated cooling effect that cools your skin even before laser touches your skin.

How many treatments you need?

Laser treatment has the best effect on hairfolicle on active growing phase. Not all hairfolicle are on the phase at the same time and for that reason to achieve good results the treatment needs to be executed a few times during few months.

Amount of treatment sessions varies, but most patients are satisfied with the result after 5-8 treatments.

Factors that affect are hair density, age and hormons.

How do you look after the treatment?

Immeadiately after the treatment you can go on with your normal daily rutines. Small redness can appear on the treated area, but will disapear in few days. You should avoid taking sun and uv-protection lotions.

After the treatment the hair can grow for 1-2 weeks, but they are not alive anymore and will fall of by themselves.

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epilation laser Helsinki Turku Lahti