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MiraDry Finland – Lasting solution for underarm sweat

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MiraDry Finland – Lasting solution for underarm sweat

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MiraDry  Finland –  City Clinic

As the first clinic in Finland City Clinic introduces treatment for excessive underarm sweat with miraDry!

MiraDry is the first and only FDA – approved treatment for excessive underarm sweat with lasting results.

MiraDry is a non-invasive treatment that through microwave technique removes the sweat glands in the armpit safely and effectively, and gives a lasting result.

If you are bothered by your sweat and are seeking a long-lasting solution, then miraDry ® is for you. Imagine being free from the embarrassment, discomfort, and worry of wet underarms. Think about all the times you won’t have to worry about whether or not your antiperspirant is going to fail you, or if your shirt will show wet marks when you take off your jacket. When you put your luggage in the overhead bin, will everyone see sweat marks? When you’re out for the day and don’t have time to shower before going out at night, will you feel confident that you’re at your best? Now you won’t have to worry about underarm sweat anymore.

How does it work?

MiraDry delivers precisely controlled microwaves through the skin to the region where the sweat glands are located. Energy generates heat, which results in a thermolysis-treatment of the sweat glands.
A simultaneous continuous cooling of the skin protects the superficial dermis from damage throughout the treatment. Because sweat glands do not regenerate after treatment, the results are permanent. Most patients report a dramatic decrease in their sweat – in one clinical study, the mean sweat reduction was 82%.

The benefits of the MiraDry-system:

• FDA-approved for treatment of excessive underarm sweat
• Lasting impact
• Non-invasive
• Very good safety profile
• Toxin-free
• 90% satisfied patients
• Minimal or no recovery time for the patient


With miraDry you will feel clean, confident, and carefree!


Cityklinikka – City Clinic – miraDry Finland

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