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Fat transfer to breasts

Fat transfer to breasts

Fat transfer to the breasts consists of two procedures performed on the same day: first harvesting the fat and then placement into the breasts. To begin, a substantial amount of fat is removed with a fine harvesting cannula connected to a small syringe. Then, the harvested fat is injected meticulously through four tiny 2-4 mm incisions using blunt  infiltration cannulas. This is also called  Lipostructure, Fat Grafting ,  Lipofilling, or Structural Fat Grafting.


Women have always wanted to move fat from their waist or thighs to their breasts. Now it is possible!

This is used as an alternative to

  1. implants for augmentations,
  2. fine tune  breast reconstruction
  3. disguise  the edges or rippling of existing silicone gel and saline implants

Fat transfer to the breasts has many advantages over implants, but the major advantages are:

  • Fat is completely natural substance that comes from your own body
  • Harvesting of the fat can be used to enhance your shape
  • The breast can be sculpted and shaped
  • There are minimal incisions with this procedure, which reduces the possibility of scarring
  • There have been concerns about breast cancer detection.


Typically, an “A” cup can be transformed into a “B” cup, but that’s the most one can expect in one session. Usually the increase will be less than one cup size.

  • Only a small increase in breast size is theoretically possible using this technique (no more than one bra cup size). From 30 to 400ml of liposuctioned fat has been injected in stages into the female breast, sometimes over a period of months. If injected fat is reabsorbed by the tissues, however, it no longer acts to enlarge the breast. Rates of fat reabsorption ranged in different case series from less than 20% after 1 year with breast enlargement maintained by fibrous tissue, to 100% reabsorption (and hence no increase in breast size) after 12 months.
  • The same applies to all other areas in the body where fat transfer is taking place.
  • There is too little data available to decide whether autologous fat transfer for enlargement of the breast is as safe or effective as the conventional techniques of saline and cohesive silicone gel implants; certainly larger increases in breast size could only be achieved with prosthetic implants.

Who is a Candidate for Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer ?

  • A woman who has enough body fat to have the procedure done
  • Reconstruction candidates
  • A woman who is considering saline or silicone implants with only a small increase of cup size
  • Alternative for Macrolane
  • Has a normal mammogram

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