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Hair formation happens inside the skin on a shelter that’s called a follicle. Average person has around 100 000 hair. This number can fluctuate depending on skin colour and structure. Each follicle grows 1-4 hairs.  This latest finding has helped in the development of the new hair transplant technique. The name for the new technique is Follicular Hair Re-growth (F.H.R.).

How many hairs do we lose in a day?

On an average day you lose 100-150 hairs, but luckily most of them will grow back in your healthy and intact follicles.

What is the life cycle of hair?

Life cycle is divided into three steps. First step is so called anagenic phase (Anagen growth) which has duration of 2-6 years. Next step is so called catagenic phase (Catagen non-growth) and it has lasts 2-6 weeks. During the catagenic phase the hair begins to split from the follicle. Last step is the telogen phase (telogen loss) that lasts 3-4 months. During that time the hair protrudes away from the root area, away from the new anagenic hair. The new hair will start to grow again What are the reasons for hair loss?

There are various reasons for hair loss

• bacteria in the scalp

• stress

• poor nutrition

• factors based on heritability (in both men and women)

• hormonal imbalance

In several cases the persons have multiple reasons for hair loss as mentioned before, but in 95% of the cases the main reason is heredity within men and millions of women.


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