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Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are permanent, and many do not believe they will ever fall “out of love” with the ink on their body. However, many times patients regret their tattoos and they are interested in learning more about laser tattoo removal at City Clinic.

City Clinic provides laser tattoo removal with one of the most advanced Q-switched technologies called QX MAX. This powerful laser can remove common ink colors and pigmented lesions using FRAC3 rejuvenation.

There are many advantages to using the QX MAX laser for tattoo removal. This system offers five laser sources and uses the highest single-pulse energy available for effective treatment.

What is the difference between Pico Technology & Fotona’s QX MAX?

Fotona QX MAX

  • QX MAX uses 532nm the gold standard to remove red ink.
  • The QX MAX has 650nm to treat green. This is the gold standard for green ink.
  • 1064nm is the gold standard and highly absorbed by black so it’s easy for the QX MAX and it will do it without complications of hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation
  • The QX MAX has 585nm to treat blue.
  • QX MAX has 1,600mJ. Over 8 times the power of Pico technology.
  • QX MAX has 4 wavelengths to cover all ink colors.
  • QX MAX has great speed at 5 nanoseconds.

Pico Technology

  • Pico technology uses only a 755nm wavelength so it will not work on red ink! The second most used ink in the US.
  • Pico technology will claim they can treat green and so can the Fotona QX MAX.
  • Black ink the most used ink in the US will not clear very well with 755nm.
  • Pico technology cannot treat blue.
  • Pico technology has only 200mJ.
  • Pico technology has only the one wavelength so they cannot treat blue
  • The idea around the Picosecond laser was to try to increase the peak power for better clearing.
  • Peak power is the combination of power and speed and you need both. Pico technology only has the speed at 750 picoseconds.

Before tattoo removal treatment

Here are some common recommendations before the first laser tattoo removal treatment:

  • Reduce or avoid the use of self-tanning products, tanning beds, and sun exposure for approximately two weeks prior to the visit. Utilizing SPF30 broad-spectrum sunscreen is recommended.
  • Remove jewelry from treatment area.
  • Apply topical numbing cream approximately one hour before the appointment onto the treatment area for comfort.
  • Patients may need to undergo several sessions for effective removal of the tattoo. Patients cannot expect optimum results after just one treatment, as the laser must break up the ink over time.

After treatment, patients are encouraged to follow the instructions given by their dermatologist for aftercare. The area may become white, swollen, and result in small pinpoint bleeding. Crusting and blistering may also occur, but all of this should heal within a week. The area treated should receive the same care and attention as a mild burn, and nothing should be applied to the wound for the first day. After this point, patients can use laser balm on the area to help it heal, which may take two weeks. Patients should avoid breaking the blisters, shaving, sun exposure, hot tubs, and pools until the area has fully healed.

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