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Hair Transplant

Hair transplant by using follicle transfer -technique is the world’s latest and most advanced hair transfer operation, which leaves old follicle transfer procedures to the history. The new follicle transfer method requires two physicians and a team of eight nurses to complete.

Follicle transplants are divided by using a microscope. This new technique prevents the destruction of follicles and leaves up to 30% more hair strands to be used from the donor area, compared to the old technique. This new more advanced transplant method is almost painless. Patient can be seated in position, listen to music, watch TV and also eat during the operation. The operation takes 4-6 hours. Using patches after the operation is no longer necessary, as the patient will look absolutely the same as he/she arrived to the clinic. Hair re-growth can be noticed in 16 weeks’ time. See our prices and have a look at the financing possibilities.

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